Requirements and information

To be able to use Mamba you will need Python. You can download it here.

Some libraries are also required : Python Imaging Library or its friendly fork PILLOW (Linux users will also need to install Tkinter and the PIL or PILLOW Tkinter plugin ImageTk).


The zip archive identified as source contains the complete sources of the Mamba project, i.e. Mamba Image, Mamba Realtime, the documentation tex files, the examples and tests extracted from our GitHub repository.

You can of course access those sources directly by cloning the git repository (go to GitHub for more info).

Windows installers

Installers are only provided for Windows systems. For those of you using Linux or other systems, download the source and refer to the user manual for compilation and installation instructions.

The Windows installers will allow you to install Mamba for your Windows Python distribution.

Make sure to select the installer corresponding to your Python version. They work with any modern Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).


Download the latest version from GitHub
version 2.0.2.

A backup of this page with the latest downloads and some dependencies (VTK installers) can be found here.