Regarding examples

All the examples in this section are meant to give you an overview of the possibilities given by the Mamba Library. They can be used as a starting point for coding your own applications.
To understand them, we strongly recommand you to read the user manual which is available in the documentation page.

Examples can also be downloaded in pdf format.

There are three types of examples :

  • Easy: These are mainly intended for beginners so they could refer to some basic examples to start their own code.
  • Moderate: In these examples, more elaborated actions are performed and presented. They cover usage that may not be difficult to do provided that you read the documentation, but are more easily explained and understood with an example.
  • Advanced: These are more complex examples that should be considered as demonstrators of the capabilities of the Mamba library.

Examples presented here may not correctly work. We tried to put a wide range of examples and produced this small selection after some efforts (some of them are non-trivial) but we may have broken them in the process of publishing them. If it so happens, try to see this as an exercise or e-mail us.