Welcome to the official Mamba library website

Mamba is an open-source Mathematical Morphology library written in C and Python.

Its name actually stands for MAthematical Morphology liBrAry

Mamba was created and is updated with the following philosophy:

Mamba uses the Python Imaging Library or its PILLOW friendly fork to read and write images.

To download the latest version, click on the appropriate link below (We only provide binaries for Windows, Linux and other systems users will have to download the sources and compile them) :

Mamba sources repository is hosted at GitHub.

Download the latest version from GitHub
version 2.0.2.

You can head over to the download section for additional information.

You will find documentation on the library in the documentation section (don't forget to check our examples).

We recently opened a Google group.

Discussion, questions or announcements
You are welcome!

For anything related to this website, you can contact us with our email webmaster AT mamba-image.org